Your Mac has built in malware protection
Did you know the Mac has built in malware protection. Some people refer to this as “virus” protection, but it is really malware as it would need to be downloaded and installed on your Mac, which is not an easy thing to do because of all the protections Apple has provided.

There are three parts to this protection system : Gatekeeper (Security and Privacy), XProtect and the Malware Removal Tool…

To ensure all your systems are working go to System Preferences… under the Apple menu.
Then click on Security & Privacy select the General tab

Click the lock to make changes:
You can choose Allow Apps downloaded from:
App store or App store and identified developers.
This will make sure you are downloading ONLY from the app store or the app store and trusted developers that you trust.

Go back to System Preferences:

Then click on Software update:

Then click on the Advanced… button

Make sure the Install system data and security updates is checked.

Then close System Preferences

Your Mac is protected from known malware and Apple will update automatically for you as needed.

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