The One Thing You Can Do To Get Less Spam.

First lets discuss what does not work well.

Email accounts from your providers like, cable, cell phone,etc...
Email accounts from Yahoo and other ISPs...
Local mail client filters like, Mail, Outlook, etc...

What does work:
Google also known as and iCloud from Apple, have some of the best spam filtering available.

So, if you really want to have less spam then get a free gmail or iCloud account.

You can slowly use gmail or iCloud as your main email account while still getting email throught your present email provider if you are concerned about all the people you have on your present account. Then over time slowing using gmail and iCloud as your main account, you will be able to get rid of your old email account.

Want a free gmail account, just go to:
and create an account.


Go to and sign in with your Apple ID.


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Mr Gilbert J Herouxsays...


I have been using the InstAddr app when asked for e-dress at sites requiring one just to read an article.

You can creat a temporary e-dress so you can log in. After a time you select, the e-dress expires. I created one I use all the time for this and know all the mail it gets is junk. Select all and delete.

I love the message rules in macOS and would love to be able to do this in iOS and iPadOS.

Speaking of Mail, since the last macOS update, I can’t select any SSL certificates.

So for now, I can only send using my iPhone or iPad.

Have you heard anything about that? I can see several in Keychain.

I have tried all the usual things we check, like file security settings, app security settings and so on. Even changed certificate settings in Keychain.

I searched Apple’s blogs and tech sites and have not found anything on the subject.

I’ve been a computer programmer since 1970 and retired as a programmer from the Air Force. So I am not a novice.