Scanner in your Pocket? Scan with your iPhone
Okay someone ask me to show them a simpler way to use their iPhone as a scanner.

First open the app Notes.
Then ceate a new note by tapping on the little icon in the bottom right corner.
Now that you have a new note, I recommend you replace the title "New Note" with something more meaningful, like, Magazine, then press the return key. This creates a title for this note.

Now tap on the little icon that looks like a circle with a plus sign in it

You should see a popup menu like this:

Tap on the Scan Documents choice, point camera at document and make sure all the document is visible on the iPhone screen. When it turns yellow, it is ready to scan the document automatically. After you hear the camera click, tap on save to save the document or just scan another document to add it to the existing note.

Look at this scan of a magazine, very readable:

Happy scanning...

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