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Saving Tabs Setup In Safari For Reuse: Michling Consultants
Saving Tabs Setup In Safari For Reuse
Lets set the situation. You have a bunch of Tabs setup in Safari, something like this:

Maybe you want to open a new window in Safari and bring back all of these tabs, so how to save them first.

Click The Bookmarks menu and select Add Bookmarks For These 10 Tabs (the 10 may be different in your case)

2. After selecting, you will see this dialog page drop:

You can rename Save Tabs to something you want as it will create a named folder in the selected Bookmarks folder with all these tabs in it.

3. Then click on the Add button to create the named folder inside the selected Bookmarks folder.

So how do to get them back you ask.

Open a new Safari window
Click on the Bookmarks folder where you save the named folder, in my case (FBA Training website for research)
Then click on Open in New Tabs to open all the before Tabs, or you can click on just 1 of the bookmarks to open that in a new Tab.

So there you have it, how to save your Tabs to call back in a new Safari window.

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