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iPad External Keyboard Shortcuts: Michling Consultants
iPad External Keyboard Shortcuts

The Notes app for iPad has a variety of handy keyboard shortcuts available for usage within the app when a keyboard is connected to the device.

If you’re a Notes app user and use an iPad with an external Bluetooth keyboard, a keyboard case, or with an Apple Smart Keyboard, you may find this collection of keyboard shortcuts to be helpful to your workflow.

Note you must use iPad with a physical keyboard to gain access to the keystrokes listed, as the onscreen virtual keyboard does not support these keyboard shortcuts.

Notes Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad

Bold – Command + B
Italics – Command + i
Underline – Command + U
Title – Shift + Command + T
Heading – Shift + Command + H
Body – Shift + Command + B
Checklist – Shift + Command + L
Mark as Checked – Shift + Command + U
Table – Control + Shift + T
Indent Right – Command + ]
Find in Note – Command + F
Note List Search – Control + Command + F
New Note – Command + N
End Editing – Command + Return
Don’t forget the standard copy, cut, and paste keyboard shortcuts on iPad work in the Notes app too:

Command + C for Copy
Command + X for Cut
Command + V for Paste
Note that you can initiate some of these keystrokes at any time in the Notes app, while others you will need to have selected text or an item within Notes app to be able to perform the function (like Copy or Cut).

If you can’t remember all of the Notes app keyboard shortcuts, you can see a screen popover of available keystrokes in the Notes app on iPad at any time by holding down the COMMAND key on the external keyboard (this trick works in many other Apple iPad apps too).

Notes app keyboard shortcut cheatsheet on iPad

Many of these keyboard shortcuts are also the same in the Notes app for Mac, and in other iOS and Mac OS apps too, so keep that in mind if you use both platforms.

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