How to Select Where Screenshots Are Saved on Your Mac
Does you desktop look like this after taking so many screen shots?

If you'd like to change that default save location to somewhere different, simply follow the steps below.

If you're running macOS Mojave or later, you can press Shift-Command-5 to invoke the screen capture panel, click on Options and choose "Other Location" to choose a destination, or create another folder at any destination.


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Mr Gilbert J Herouxsays...

Hi Bill, you don't know me.

I bought my first Apple computer back in 1979 - an Apple II+.

I bought my first Mac in May 1984.

I was an independent consultant on Apple computers starting in 1988).

In 1995 I opened an Independent Apple store (ReMac Computers of Florida).

I have been studying Swift so I can create apps I can't find in the AppStore.

I like what you are doing. Giving helpful information to us Apple users.