How to check iPhone photo orientation before taking a picture
Open the Camera app

As you line up your shot, look for the magnification indicator (1x) and camera selection close to the shutter button
Make sure it’s oriented in the same way you’re holding your phone

If you are holding it so that you are taking a shot holding the iPhone vertically, the icons should look like this:

If you are holding it sideways, they should look like this:

If it’s not, try rotating your phone back to another orientation and back to the one you want

As shown in the images above, you can quickly tell if your orientation will be off if the zoom indicator and camera selection is rotated 90-degrees from how you’re holding your iPhone.

If you’ve already taken a photo in the wrong orientation, just tap Edit, then choose the square frame icon next to cancel. Finally, tap the square icon with the rotate arrow to rotate your photo.

Tap Done when you’re finished.

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