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Did you know even if you are connected to Wifi on your iPhone, when you make a call it may still go through Celluar?

To ensure you are calling using Wifi, make sure you do this first.

Settings > Cellular > Wi-Fi Calling turn it on

Then do this:

The solution to make sure Wifi calling stays on:

1- In the Control Center, tap the Airplane Mode button.

2- Tap the Wi-Fi button to turn Wi-Fi on if you haven’t set Wi-Fi on previously in Airplane Mode.

3- Wait a moment, and the carrier’s name plus Wi-Fi should appear, even though you aren’t connected to the cellular network.

4- Turn off Airplane Mode. The Wi-Fi icon should remain in place.

Now when you call and are connected to Wifi, it will use Wifi to make the call...

Why use Wifi to make calls? Much better connection and bandwidth then celluar.
Also if you have a limited data plan, Wifi calling does not use data from your plan.
Keep in mind this is for calls, whether it be phone calls, Facetime, Email, surfing the web and or streaming videos, it will all be via Wifi...

Enjoy saving on your data plan.
The three types of group messages that you might see are: group iMessage, group MMS, and group SMS. The Messages app automatically chooses the type of group message to send based on you and your recipients' settings, network connection, and carrier plan. For example:

If you and your recipients are using Apple devices and iMessage is turned on, then the group message is sent as an iMessage.

If you send a group message to people who aren't using iMessage, then the message is sent as an MMS or SMS message. See below…

Group iMessage

These messages appear in blue text bubbles, go through Apple instead of your carrier, and are protected by end-to-end encryption. In a group iMessage, everyone can:

Send and receive photos, videos, and audio messages

See all responses from the group

Send and receive message effects, like sketches, animations, bubble effects, and more

Share their location with the group

Give the group a name, add or remove people from the group, mute notifications, or leave the group

Group MMS

These messages appear in green text bubbles and go through your carrier instead of Apple. In a group MMS, everyone can:

Send and receive photos and videos

See all responses from the group

Mute notifications

Group SMS

These messages also appear in green text bubbles and go through your carrier. Group SMS messages don’t support multimedia attachments, like photos or videos. All responses in a Group SMS are sent as individual text messages and the recipients can’t see the other responses from the group.

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