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Did you know there are millions of websites? Is one or more of them yours? What better way to get your business out in front of millions of people 24 hours a day, every day! It is like an electronic business card being handed out every second of every day, it is always available. It is easily shared on social media.
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Web services, domain registration, and APPLE consulting
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Providing Apple device support,  we do not do Windows...


Michling Consultants has been on the Web since 1997, we have one of the shortest named and oldest web domains:
Our start:
mespn.com was first registered in 1997 while I was living on the island of Saipan. Saipan, you say, yes even back then we had some connectivity to the internet. 
Our Saipan saga begin in 1986, the year of Super Typhoon Kim, our first Christmas living on Saipan. We opened the first computer store that people could come in and try out the latest Apple computers. We also offered technical support and great customer support. We were a satellite store from Marianas Electronics which is still on Guam today.  At one point we had 65% of the market with some great government contracts. Oh yea, we also provided Arco solar systems to the island, although we may have been ahead of the times then, but some are still using the solar systems we installed! Enjoying the very long solar days on Saipan.
Unfortunately Marianas Electrionics Saipan had to close its doors, due to an economic slowdown but, as mentioned above Marianas Electronics thrives on the island of Guam under Cheri and Shawn's management. You can find their facebook page HERE
Our Mission:
For tips and tricks, you can see our blog at: https://mespn.com/blog/
To provide you with the best service possible.
To provide low cost web hosting for the masses. Our hosting and minor updates starts at just $10 per month per domain. Storage up to 20GB. If you need a secure domain website, (SSL), we can provide that for an additional $50 per year per domain. We can register your domain name of your choosing per availability. Also take a look at one of our Sample1  (stand alone cart) or Sample2  (provider cart) online stores. This can be yours with NO subscription. The only charges, after purchase is when you make sales with Paypal online.
Your Computer Needs...
If you need help getting the right Macintosh computer, we can help with that also. We only deal with Apple computers. If you are looking for any other model computer, sorry we cannot help you with those other computers. We recommend you check the Apple Store online first, then check with us, we may be able to provide you with a better deal. We can drop ship your computer equipment to your address anywhere in the United States. We can also provide you with a quote for the equipment you request. We will keep you informed via email every step of the way until your equipment arrives.
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We also do iPad and iPhone workshops.
We also provide phone support and use billable hours rounded to the next billable hour. We also provide a written contract for your security and peace of mind.
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